There was a bug in the menu, so I worked with it and changed it some as well. I also had some trouble with the <footer></footer>, so therefore I used a navbar with fixed bottom instead, which makes it look neater.

I thought the news accordion looked a little bit boring and therefore decided to replace it with TimelineJS, i.e. the timeline you are looking at now.

It looks much better and also have support for Twitter, Youtube, Flicker and other media.

Today I finished the weight chart. Had a small bug regarding the array from the database to the Google Chart javascript. Once I got it in correct format it worked.

Starting to look at the Backlog, how I want to display it, i.e. doing some research regarding existing Open Source and also sketching how I want it to look & work.

I want to have tracking of my own weight, since I have been weighing myself for a period of time - during May and early June and then started again in beginning of October. If I keep track of the weight and can visualize it, it would be more of an carrot to go to the gym.

Though, haven\'t decided to make it public...probably should have it in my admin pages.

So far I have only created a table and added all my tracked weight figures (date and weight) and will add some line chart, using Google Charts.

Have some experience from it, from my summer job as Application Developer at Volvo Group Telematics / WirelessCar, where I worked with AngularJS to build a new GUI for one of their applications.

I have added my logo and restructured the site layout, including added a navbar. Now it start looking like a real web site and not just some programming example, printing text.

I think I will add an image carousel to the main page as well with some nice photos, to make it more alive.

I added the news to the main page (earlier only in admin page) and also added so it is using accordion functionality. I decided to only have the latest news expanded and the rest collapsed. Also only showing the latest 10 news (even though I don\'t have that many so far).

However, it seems I don\'t get the borders around the accordion groups for some reason. But the important thing is that it works. finally seems to work with the login function, being able to login (to my admin) page and add some news, so I don\'t have to enter news directly into the database.

I have only done some minimal PHP programming and thought I should learn by creating a new web page. This is my journey to create a new and fresh web page for my self, trying out some new stuff, making it dynamic and hopefully cool.